Selected Publications

A multimodal atlas of tumor metabolism

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Metabolomic and Proteomic characterization of COVID-19


The landscape of metabolic brain alterations in Alzheimer’s disease

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Variational autoencoders in metabolomics data

Gomari*, Schweickart* et al.,
Nature Comm Bio, 2022

maplet: an R toolbox for modular and reproducible metabolomics pipelines

Chetnik et al.,
Bioinformatics, 2021

SGI: automatic clinical subgroup identification in omics datasets

Buyukozkan et al.,
Bionformatics, 2021

Evaluation of missing value imputation methods

Do, Wahl et al.,
Metabolomics, 2018

Multi-omics study of diet-microbiome-liver axis

Kindt et al.,
Nature Communications, 2018

Metabolomic investigation of the lymphoma drug 'panobinostat' 

Pera, Krumsiek et al.,

EBioMedicine, 2018

MALDI metabolomics of pancreatic islets to investigate insulin effects

Aichler et al.,
Cell Metabolism, 2017

An atlas of genetic influences on human blood metabolites

Shin et al.,
Nature Genetics, 2014

Gaussian graphical models reconstruct pathway networks

Krumsiek et al.,
BMC Systems Biology, 2011